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Family Matters

FamilyMatters@School is now at Xinmin! In partnership with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), this programme equips parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships.In close collaboration with service providers, we will run family life programmes for Xinmin parents that could help youbetter connect with your children. Check out the upcoming events and workshops for the year and drop our Family Matters Coordinator, Mr Kenneth Soh an email at kenneth.soh@hotmail.com if you would like to find out more.

Tentative Date and Time
How to Talk So Teens will Listen (Talk)
26 Jul (Fri)
Baking/ Cooking
(Parent-Child Bonding activities with debrief)
17 Aug (Sat)
1.30 pm- 4.30 pm
Breaking the Silence: Talk to your Teen about Sexuality
24 Aug (Sat)
Balancing Work & Family: The Art of Super-Parenting
7 Sept (Sat)
Speaking the Right Love Language
28 Sept (Sat)
Standing Up Against Cyber Bullying
5 Oct (Sat)
Understanding Teens Emotions
12 Oct (Sat)
Outdoor bonding activities
9 Nov (Sat)
S1 registration program
19 Dec 13
Transition to Secondary 1
Jan 2014 (TBA)
CNY Celebration
18 Jan 14
Time (TBA)
Parenting Teens - Intentionally
25 Jan 14 (Sat)
Navigating The Teen Years
22 Feb 14 (Sat)
Strategies for Family Bonding
8 Mar 14 (Sat)
Marriage Convention
Outdoor bonding activities
22 Mar 14 (Sat)

Note : Programme/date subject to change.

How to Talk So Teens will Listen (Talk)

Do you ever feel as if you’re speaking to a brick wall? Do you find yourself repeating the same instructions over and over and your child still won’t cooperate? Believe it or not, it is possible to talk so your kids will listen. Learn how empathy can open the door into your child’s heart and help turn problem behaviour around. This talk will also equip you with simple but effective tools for communicating with your child and strengthening your parent-child bond.

At the end of this talk, parents will be able to:
Empathize with their young child
Understand the importance of encouraging their child
Engage their child’s cooperation in the early years

Breaking the Silence : Talk to your Teen about Sexuality

What our teens think about sexuality may surprise you, but what they are doing sexually may surprise you even more. Very often parents put off talking to their children about sexuality, believing their kids are too young. Or parents may be tongue tied and uncomfortable when it comes to talking to their teen about sex. Yet, research shows that when parents engage their children in this topic, the likelihood of their children engaging in pre-marital or risky sex behaviour drops significantly.

This talk will give parents an overview of the Youth Sexuality scene in Singapore. It also discusses key issues in youth sexuality and also gives tips on how parents can engage their teens in this important phase of their growing up years.

Balancing Work & Family : The Art of Super-Parenting

The cost of globalisation and competition have caused parents to consistently face challenges in the gap between our commitment at work and what is also deeply important to us, our family. The woes of some moms and dads seem to be “My family is important; so is my work. I live in constant conflict, trying to juggle both! Can I truly balance both well and be successful?” or “I have no time to choose and I am constantly stressed out by not being there with the kids. How do I choose?” or “My kids did not do well in their exams even though they have lots of tuition. My work takes me from them. I feel guilty I should be monitoring them, it is just so difficult.” Instead of fighting against the clock, this workshop seeks to provide some insights on how to create balance and synergy among the various roles we play at work and home.

Learn principles and practical examples to allow you to commit to your work without compromising relationships at home
Understanding your children and yourself more through personality profiling
Learn about different parenting styles that can help you to connect better with your child

Speaking the Right Love Language

We may be communicating all the time yet we may not always be communicating well or even correctly. This can give rise to misunderstanding or awkward moments where we end up tongue-tied. All of us speak at least one language in order to be able to communicate with people around us. However, there are 5 particular languages that are universally spoken and which can be used to help us enjoy stronger relationships with our loved ones. These are known as the 5 Love Languages - simple yet effective tools to help us better know how we love and like to be loved.

Standing Up Against Cyber Bullying - Understanding and Helping Our Children Overcome The New World Danger

Bullying is one of the main issues youths face as they grow and develop their own identity. Cyber bullying (bullying using digital media) has made it more prevalent. What are some common mediums of cyber bullying?

Through this workshop, our speaker will share some real life cyber bullying case studies and bring about awareness of the severity and impact of cyber bullying. Parents will be given tips on how to spot the bully and the bully. They will also learn how they can help their children should they be involved in cyber bullying or know someone who is.

Understanding Teens Emotions

Teenage emotions can be rather volatile and perplexing to many grown up. Many perceive it as bad attitude and respond accordingly, failing to realise that is part of the growing experience of teenager.

In this workshop session, we will explore the following:
Understanding teens emotions
Handling teen emotions appropriately to bring about greater stability
Harnessing teen emotions for positive growth

Understanding the World of your Teen/Helping your Child adjust to Secondary School

Starting Secondary School is an exciting time for a teenager as they come into a new school environment; make new friends and journey through the teenage years. These are really transitional years as your child grows physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.This talk enlightens parents on Secondary School demands and expectations and how to guide your youth through these challenges. Parents will also gain insight into what the modern teen is like, and the world and paradigms that they live in. Foundational tips to help parents navigate the teen years and to build harmonious relationships with their teens will also be shared.
Understanding the Pressures of Secondary School Life
Understanding Youth Culture and the Post-Modern Teen
Parenting Tips to navigate pre-teens and teens through the transitional years: Communication, Respect, Acceptance and Managing Expectations.

Parenting Teens - Intentionally

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of families with teens. We believe that families are more alike than different. All families of teens and preteens struggle with issues such as independence, emerging sexuality, risks of bad company, drugs, discipline, every day challenges such as disrespectful behaviour and communication problems. Workshop will offer practical information and skills to parents of teens to help them better relate to them.

Navigating The Teen Years

Most parents are deeply concerned about their teenager’s future. The chances of your teens succeeding in navigating this increasing challenging world increases with intentional preparation. Your interaction with your children can build them up or tear them down.This seminar, based on a research on Teen Wellness, focuses on the qualities that characterise a successful teenager and how you can prepare your young children for it.
Research On Teen Wellnes

What kinds of families do successful teens come from?
A Vision of the Future

Beginning with the end in mind
Building Resilience in Teens

Fostering strength, hope and optimism in your children

Strategies for Family Bonding

In this fast-paced society with mostly dual income families, it is an increasing challenge to build strong families. There are always competing demands and by the time we reach home, we are most of the time tired and stressed out. So, how can we bond with our family despite these challenges? In this talk, we will spend time discovering the road map and practical tips for family bonding.