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Subject Combination Exercise for Secondary 3 (2017)

Dear Parents/Guardians,



The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the Subject Combination Exercise for Secondary 3 Express/Normal Academic/Normal Technical (2017). Below are some important dates to take note of:




28th (Fri) to 1st (Tue) Nov

Submission of choices

(Note: Please access the school website to log into the subject combinations portal. 

ID        : student's NRIC/FIN (For eg: T1234567H)

Pwd    : student's NRIC/FIN (For eg: T1234567H)

14th November (Mon)

Release of emplacement results 

16th November (Wed)

Deadline for submission of appeals through website

25th November (Fri)

Release of appeal results


To help your child/ward select a suitable subject combination that will lead to a good GCE O/N-Level qualification, you may consider the following factors amongst others:

·         your child’s/ward’s interests, strengths and career options;

·         his/her ability to cope with the subject combination; and

·         requirements/criteria for courses at institutions of higher learning.



The allocation of subject combination to students will be based on:

·         student’s academic performance in Secondary 2 (overall percentage);

·         specific subjects’ performance (refer to the criteria table); and

·         number of vacancies for combinations in each class.




The criteria for specified subjects are laid out in the criteria table. Students will first need to meet the criteria for specific subjects in order to be considered for emplacement in certain classes.




For submission of choices, each Express student will submit 5 choices, each NA student will submit 4 choices and each NT student will submit 2 choices in order of preference.


If a subject combination has fewer than the minimum required candidature, the subject combination may not be offered. In this situation, the student’s next preferred choice will be considered. If the student did not file in any submissions, he/she will be allocated based on available vacancies.





If you like to know what each subject entails, please refer to the syllabuses on SEAB website (www.seab.gov.sg)




There are specific letters with further information for each stream. Please refer to the letter given to your child or you may click on the document links below. 

Please discuss with your child before filing the choices. Thank you.

a) Letter for Express + Subject combinations for Express

b) Letter for NA + Subject combinations for NA

c) Letter for NT + Subject combinations for NT

Click here to access to Subject Combination portal


If you need any clarification please feel free to contact - 

Assistant year head for Sec 2 - Mr. Jeremy Tan (tan_kian_seng_jeremy@moe.edu.sg)

HOD/Biz & IT - Mr Lee Foo Yong (lee_foo_yong@moe.edu.sg)

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lee Foo Yong

Head of Department

(Business & Info-Tech)