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Analytical Thinking Skills (ATS) Programme

Updated on Monday, 17 October 2016 12:18pm

The Analytical Thinking Skills (ATS) Programme in Xinmin, implemented in 2009, endeavours to teach thinking skills explicitly to help raise students’ ability to think and solve new and complex problems. Not only does the programme hope to improve their academic performance across disciplines, it is intended to mould them to be analytical thinkers who are better positioned for the creative economy where many of tomorrow’s problems and jobs cannot be taught or predicted today.  Teachers adopt the HAVITTM curriculum from LogicMills to conduct the lessons over a 30-hour period to the Secondary Ones. Lessons follow a prescribed structure, as experiential learning provides the best opportunity for students to learn logic and reasoning which leads to better decision making.


Through the use of socratic questioning and a game-based approach, teachers facilitate students’ learning via concrete experiences coupled with role-modelling by teachers. Each class has a 20:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure maximum learning. The programme has also been tailored to students from all streams as the curriculum has been specially created for the Singapore cohort tapping on their strong Mathematics and Science foundation.