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At a Glance


In alignment with the school’s belief that education is to prepare our students for the future, the school’s programmes are designed to help promote the school’s 21st century attitudes (A), skills (S), knowledge (K) and sound values. These school outcomes in ASK are captured in the diagram below. 


Delivered through a combination of formal instructional programmes and enrichment programmes, these skills (S) are assessed in the curriculum. Our signature pedagogy at the lower secondary level is the Flipped Classroom which helps to develop self-directed and collaborative learning among our students. 

To ensure that our students are developed holistically in the various domains, the school also has put in place a set of programmes to ensure that learning is balanced and values are infused and integrated into the curriculum.

Through our enriched school-based curriculum, every Xinmin student will

  •  take part in a Swim Safe programme at Sec 1;
  •  undergo an Applied Science curriculum at Sec 1;
  •  learn and experience theatre in the school’s Blackbox which will be completed in 2015 (new!)
  •  enjoy the Analytical Thinking Skills programme which teaches thinking skills through board games at the lower secondary level;
  •  acquire ICT skills and programming skills at Sec 2;
  •  participate in a Service Learning programme in Sec 2 to plan and implement a project to help an organization of their choice;
  •  experience rock-climbing using the school’s facilities of an indoor bouldering wall and 2 outdoor walls at Sec 3 (new!);
  •  enjoy a multi-sports carnival at Sec 3 which exposes students to games and sports not commonly taught in the PE curriculum;
  •  learn about entrepreneurship and apply these skills by running a class stall at the school’s annual Homecoming Day;
  •  learn leadership skills during our CCE lessons; and
  •  develop care and respect through key values-in-action activities, including our annual Spring-It-Up newspaper and clothes collection & Hamper delivery project.
Besides these core programmes, the school also offers other enrichment programmes which students can choose based on their interest.  The list of these programmes and activities can be found in our Talent Development Programme booklet.