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Useful Info for Parents

Are you a Saviour Mum or Dad?

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Dear Parent Support Group Chairpersons/Parent Representatives,
Happy New Year from the Partnerships in Education Office! 
We hope you had a refreshing time during the school holidays, and had time to strengthen bonds with your child.  As we approach an exciting new year in 2015, we would like to bring you the following highlights:

Supporting your child in the new school year

As your child transits to a new school year, he/she may be entering a new level of study, a new class, or even a new school. Want to find out some useful tips on how you can help your child manage these transitions? You may find the ‘Packed for Transit Booklet’ here useful!
In the new school year, you can also play a key role in supporting your child’s learning experience at home, and in school. To find out more about how you can be involved in supporting your child’s learning at home, take a look at this resource on the SchoolBag website. Or, if you wish to find out more about how you can volunteer in your child’s school, why not check out the resource webpage here .

Bonding with your child

With the school holidays coming to an end, let’s reflect on the time spent bonding with your child. Mrs Jenny Yeo, an experienced educator and retired principal, shares on what it takes to build a strong relationship with your child. It is not just the types of activities that you do together, but rather in how you make time and effort to create fond memories with your child. For more tips on strengthening the bonds with your child in 2015, check out Mrs Yeo’s tips here !

Every child is different, a teacher shares

Music teacher Lennie Chua’s mother wanted him to pursue engineering during his Junior College; she wanted him to do something ‘useful’. His then teacher, Mrs Constance Loke, persuaded her to see the son’s talent and passion in music, and to understand that following one’s interest is good for the child. Today, Mr Chua has a meaningful career, teaching music and planning arts programmes at the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts. This year, he even composed a song – “Shining Light” – specifically for the MOE Work Plan Seminar.  Colleagues and fellow teachers at the seminar enjoyed the original score performed by 10 educators, one of whom was none other than Mrs Loke. Take a look at their performance here , and go behind the scenes for the making of “Shining Light” here . Read more about the article on Page 6 and 7 in the Contact magazine .

Building a strong partnership with your child’s teachers

Your child may have new teachers in the new school year.  Having good communication with your child’s teachers will help you to stay connected with your child’s life in school.  Children benefit most when parents and their teachers are strong partners in raising them together.  Do take the time to get to know your child’s teachers, and support them as they nurture your child in school.  For more practical tips on building a strong partnership with your child’s teachers, please click here .
Connect with us on MOE Facebook , Twitter or YouTube channel .  You can also visit Schoolbag.sg website for more education news, and stories on school programmes and activities. If you have any question or comment for us on the areas that we have highlighted to you this month, you can email us at MOE_PEO@moe.gov.sg .
Have a joyous and fruitful new year!

Parent Support Group

Enhanced Parents in Education Mobile App

Parents can now input their children’s level of study, and receive updates customised to their profile. There is a new poll feature which provides improved interactivity. A new calendar function gives a quick overview of school holidays and various education-related events! You may wish to download the Enhanced Parents in Education Mobile App -- iOS or Android .

Post-Secondary Education

Our education system offers students of different abilities and strengths multiple pathways to success after their secondary school education. Young Singaporeans may choose from a wide array of post-secondary options: JCCI, polytechnics, ITE, private art institutions, as well as public and private universities. 

This Post-Secondary Education brochure was distributed to schools in end April. Click here to download it and find out more about each pathway.

Singapore’s first Cyber Wellness App

If you’re concerned about your children’s online experience or are unable to keep up with their use of social media, notAnoobie an App developed by SingTel Idea Factory is a consolidation of articles by cyber wellness subject-matter experts designed to help parents learn more about the latest digital trends affecting young people today.

Useful Articles

We  like to share with you two articles containing research findings and useful tips on parenting. The first article titled “How not to talk to your kids” discusses how the use of praise can sometimes adversely influence a child’s learning. The second article “Raising successful children” talks about the dilemmas of parenting and the distinction between good and bad parental involvement.The articles can be accessed at the links provided below:

We hope that you would find the articles useful and please do share the links with more parents around you.  For more information and useful articles, do refer to the Parents in Education website at http://parents-in-education.moe.gov.sg/

Thank you and warm regards,
Partnerships in Education Office