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Principal's Message

From its humble beginnings in 1945 as a village school, Xinmin Secondary School has come a long way to become one of the more outstanding schools in Singapore. It is the first government school offering three academic tracks to be awarded the School Excellence Award (SEA), the pinnacle award offered by the Ministry of Education for schools that are recognised for their excellence in school practices and student outcomes. Since then, the school has also continually kept abreast with developments in education and technology and offers a distinctive and enriching school-based curriculum to its students to equip them with 21st century skills and the confidence and ability to interact and work with others. In 2015, the school, with the help of its School Advisory Committee and the Alumni Association, raised funds to build a Creative Arts Complex that allows our students to further extend their learning of, and appreciation for, the arts. In addition, the new facility also allows our students to perform for the community and increases their capacity to empathise and build positive relations with the residents in the community. Hence, in keeping with this growing importance of the arts as a tool for communication and for personal development in our youths, the school will offer Drama in 2018* as an Applied Subject, extending the range of GCE ‘O’ level subjects that can be offered to our students. In responding to the nation’s vision as a SMART city, the school will also be offering Computing, another Applied Subject in 2017, to cater to students with a strong interest and passion in programming who will contribute to the nation’s growth in this area. Our students will be supported by a stimulating and enriching school-based curriculum in Drama and Information and Communications Technology at the lower secondary so that students who choose to offer these subjects at the upper secondary level will have the opportunities to enjoy their learning because of the seamless curriculum across the levels.

The school’s developments to remain at the forefront of education could not be achieved without a fraternity of committed and competent staff members and strong support from its stakeholders. The trust and confidence the parents have given to the school have played a significant role in how the school has been able to constantly renew its curriculum. In particular, the school’s safe and conducive learning environment is also a result of this partnership where the school and parents are responsible for building good character in each child. Other stakeholders have also played important roles in providing quality learning for the students. Our Alumni and School Advisory Committee provide guidance, expertise and financial support to help the school upgrade its learning and teaching infrastructure as well as recognise good performance from staff and students. Our community and educational partners provide the learning opportunities for our students to discover their talents and develop sound values through services to the community. Here in Xinmin, we teach our students to be grateful and to contribute back to society in whatever ways they can. We are proud that many have done so. We are confident that the school will continue to lead and grow in our mission with this increasing pool of talents. We welcome on board new members, new students, and new parents to enjoy the Xinmin experience and make it even better.

Yours truly
Mrs Ong Hong Peng
Xinmin Secondary School

*Year of implementation of new syllabus has been changed from 2017 to 2018.  Information correct as of 6 Jan 2016.